Trade Stands

Our show provides a wide range of traders with the opportunity to showcase the very best of their products and services. Many of the trade stands at the show are presented by local companies, some are staged by private individuals, others are provided by traders from far and wide.

Some of our traders have supported the show over very many years and we are proud to welcome them back each and every year. Every year we also welcome some new traders to the show. Whether large or small, long term favourites or new hands, all our traders make an enormous contribution to the show day experience, and we value the contribution that each and every one of them make to the rich diversity and the enduring character of the show.

Visitors to the show enjoy the rich treasure trove of goods and services on offer. We often receive positive feedback about the trade stands. Many of our show day visitors make full use of the retail opportunities on offer. Some of the products and services at the show are not readily available in everyday shops. Many of the show day offers made by our traders represent excellent value for money – excellent quality at bargain prices.

We are pleased to welcome the fabulous regular traders to our show. We also greatly welcome applications from new traders. Every year we provide an indoor trade tent which hosts over thirty trade stands. We also have an outdoor trade area for those traders who need more space, or prefer the outdoor experience. We also host a wide range of caterers who always do their best to tempt the show day visitors with a wide range of scrumptious foods and terrific beverages.

Our traders make a huge contribution to our show, and we do everything we can to welcome them and make their show day experience as positive as possible. We are pleased that we will again have the opportunity to showcase a fabulous array of trade stands once more this year for each and every one of our show day visitors to enjoy.


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